“National Milk Day” to be celebrated Sunday at Columbia’s Turkey Hill Experience

Turkey Hill Dairy produces 6.5 million gallons of milk each year.

The Conestoga dairy, one of Lancaster County’s top businesses, also receives seven tankers, or 6,000 gallons, of milk each day for its … Continue reading

5 graphic novel recommendations for your child

Comics and graphic novels have long been viewed as the junk food of the reading world. Now teachers and librarians are promoting them as a gateway to literacy.

We asked a local school … Continue reading

Aaron’s Acres announces sensory-sensitive events at Penn Cinema in February and March

Lancaster, PA…Aaron’s Acres invites the public to attend two Sensory-Sensitive Cinema Days at Penn Cinema, 541 Airport Road, Lancaster. Family-friendly features to be shown include Paddington on February 7 at 10:00 a.m. and THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE: SPONGE OUT OF WATER … Continue reading

Staying stylish in the cold: winter style

Now that Old Man Winter has returned to Lancaster, it’s time to bundle up.

There are plenty of ways to stay warm and not look like Randy from “A Christmas Story” (“I can’t … Continue reading

Want your kid to read more? Give them graphic novels.

Teacher Keith Corrigan is a convert to comics.

When his school librarian began sharing graphic novels with students a few years ago, Corrigan’s first thought was: “This is not reading.”

But as … Continue reading

Classroom makeover: how schools are rethinking what learning looks like

Picture a school.

Are you envisioning sterile, locker-filled hallways and classrooms with desks arranged neatly in rows?

That’s a classic 20th-century school, and its design may prevent the current generation from getting a … Continue reading

Lancaster and Akron host New Year’s Eve celebrations

Get ready to celebrate.

You can ring out the old and in the new this New Year’s Eve in a variety of ways.

Downtown Lancaster will welcome 2015 with the traditional ascension of … Continue reading

Ten things to know for the 2015 state farm show

Nearly a century old, the Pa. state farm show never fails to deliver old favorites and new experiences. This year is no different, with thousands of farm animals, exhibits and tasty native Pennsylvanian … Continue reading

How to: Prevent water pipes from freezing

Here’s what you need to do to keep water supply pipes from freezing when the temperatures dip to that blue area on the thermometer outside your kitchen window. — Roxanne McRoberts

Wrap them … Continue reading

Ideas for beating winter break boredom


Ah, winter break. It’s a chance to put down the school books, relax the schedule and enjoy some downtime.

But we all know what that means. After the presents have been opened, the cookies consumed … Continue reading