Healthy mom. Happy baby.

By Megan Sabol, HARTZ Physical Therapy

Being a new mom brings with it a slew of changes and challenges. We’ve discussed the feat of exercising with a newborn (don’t give up!), but overall wellness is essential for mothers too. When … Continue reading

Craft idea: An ornament for tiny hands

By Erin Pyott

The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to starting thinking about preserving memories of our kids during this most blessed time.

Every year I buy (I know, “buy?!?” Hard to believe, but it’s true.) a picture … Continue reading

Consumer group lists ’10 worst toys’ for kids

BOSTON (AP) — A light-up bow whose arrows are advertised as flying up to 145 feet and the “Catapencil” — a pencil with a miniature slingshot-style launcher on … Continue reading

#ExtraGive: Everything you need to know about the Extraordinary Give

By Tom Knapp, Staff Writer

The Extraordinary Give kicked off at midnight Thursday and within 15 minutes had received 1,228 gifts totaling $130,193. A half hour in, the total hit 1,606 gifts totaling $171,106.

In just over an hour, more than … Continue reading

Craft Work: Lego my place card

If you have young children in the house, you probably have Legos.

And if you have Legos, you have a way to let them help prepare for Thanksgiving that doesn’t involve them being … Continue reading

Communities plan festivities for holiday season

By Larry Alexander, Staff Writer

The Christmas holiday season is upon us and all across Lancaster County, cities and towns are making plans to light up their community Christmas trees.

Manheim will go all out with a three-day celebration.

Starting … Continue reading

Thanksgiving recipe contest: Second chance for leftovers

Post-Thanksgiving turkey sammies are great, but we crave more. Let’s share our creative ideas for dressing up Thanksgiving leftovers and make a little contest of it. Go to and post your favorite recipe for turning holiday leftovers into a … Continue reading

Being on guard against kidnappers

The Issue: Lancaster County has seen at least five abductions or attempted abductions of children this year. Information is available to protect them.

There have been at least five abductions or attempted abductions of children … Continue reading

Day Care Syndrome: Believe it or not there’s a silver lining to all that coughing and sneezing

By Cindy Stauffer, Staff Writer

Parents of kids who go to day care or nursery school don’t need Dr. Chris Lupold or the Journal of the American Medical Association to tell them about something called Day Care Syndrome.

Runny noses, … Continue reading

Lovin’ the Thanksgiving leftovers

By Ann Fulton, Correspondent

If you have leftover Thanksgiving turkey, tetrazzini is a perfect way to enjoy it in a whole new way. If there are no leftovers to speak of, it is worth cooking a little extra – even … Continue reading