Recipe exchange: Enter and win a chance for Day Out with Thomas tickets

Farm stands and markets are teeming with local veggies and fruits right now! Share your favorite online recipe that uses Lancaster’s seasonal goodies and you’ll be entered in a random drawing for 4 tickets to Day Out with Thomas at … Continue reading

A look at some not-so-typical produce at Central Market

By Claudia Esbenshade, Lifestyle Staff

It’s no secret that markets are bursting at the seams with offerings of fresh produce right now.

A quick trip to Lancaster Central Market enlightened me as to some produce that is beyond the popular … Continue reading

Changes in pediatric dentistry strive to allay kids’ fears

By E.A. Harvey, Correspondent

In decades past, a 6-year-old with a cavity or toothache climbed up in the same big dental chair, in the same stark room that her mom just occupied for a cleaning and checkup. While the white-coated … Continue reading

3 tips for school bus safety

By Jen Kopf, Lifestyle Editor

After summer’s freedom, Lancaster County students started lining up last week for the school bus, and more will join them this morning.

To help your child’s bus driver keep him or her safe:

Make sure … Continue reading

September Mom of the Month: Donna Sheehan

By Maureen Leader, Special Features Writer

To work or to stay at home? That is the question that all moms have to answer, and often the answers are not easily determined. What’s best for my family? What’s best for ME?

Continue reading

Honey is natural, but it’s not for babies

By Dr. Pia Fenimore, Correspondent

QUESTION: I have been reading about all the health benefits of honey. Why can’t I give it to my 6-month-old son? I have never heard of a honey allergy, so it seems like a strange … Continue reading

This month’s cool craft idea: Popped bubble art

By Erin Pyott, LancMoms Correspondent

As a mom of two, I have often felt like my world is inundated with excessive amounts of coloring pages, “scribble” drawings, cut out pieces of all shapes and sizes and crafts that just never … Continue reading

Exercise begets exercise

By Megan Sabol, HARTZ Physical Therapy

If “sleep begets sleep” in babies, then “exercise begets exercise” in mamas.

While writing my last article, I was frustrated with my inability to find time to exercise with my then 8-week-old baby.  If … Continue reading

Sweet on a nostalgic treat and an abundance of zucchini

By Ann Fulton, Fountain Avenue Kitchen

Do you remember Pudding Pops? In the 1980s, Bill Cosby was the spokesman for this popular frozen treat. The chocolate version was similar to a creamy Fudgesicle, almost like a scoop of ice cream … Continue reading

Mom’s pick of the week: Getting busy with the bees

If your breakfast table is home to a plastic bear–the kind best known for squeezing out that delicious natural sweetener, honey–then you may know that humble, hardworking honey bees have had a tough time of it lately. Our busy friends … Continue reading